How many PayPal accounts can you have ?

Hello friends, do you want to know how many paypal accounts we can have and how many Paypal account we can get, but if you also want to know all this then you will read this post completely because in this post I will give you all the information about this topic.

How many PayPal accounts can you have

You can of course have multiple paypal accounts, but different email addresses for all Paypal accounts, debit card and bank account must be different, only then you can use multiple Paypal accounts.

Now the thing is that how many paypal accounts a person can have multiple, then let me tell you that you can have a personal account and also a business or premier account but both accounts have different address, debit Card, bank account and Gmail ID must all be different.

Note : In the future, if you want, you can upgrade your personal account to a business account or a premium account. So this is really a great benefit for us.

This is the some information about how many Paypal accounts can a person have and I hope you will understand. If you like this post then give your feedback and comment in share this with your friends.

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