Can I change country in Paypal ?

If you want to know whether you can do country change in paypal account and how to change the country in paypal account, we can also do country change or not, I will answer all these questions through this post today.

Can I change country in Paypal ?

According to the PayPal community, No country other than the US has the right to change the country from the PayPal account, then you can say that we cannot change our country in the PayPal account so “No” is the direct answer of this question. US is the exception to this answer Because if you live in the US, you can able to change the country in your PayPal account.

If you move to another country, for this you will have to open a new Paypal account.

If you are migrating to a new country, then you should pay the outstanding balance or outstanding debt in the PayPal account of the old country so that there is no problem while opening a new account.

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